Modeltypeface Goes on Holiday!!

Hello everyone!

It’s gonna be a bit quieter for the next ten days as I’m off to glorious Greece (well, the scenery and the people are glorious, we’ll gloss over the socio-economics).

Lucky me, I just so happen to have a boyfriend whose Greek architect father built a house in Zakynthos. Woo! If I can give you any dating advice it would be this: a boyfriend with a holiday home is always advisable. Personality and looks first of course, but its a ruddy great plus point to being with Theo…


Of course, I have had to turn down two jobs: one for £1k and one a trip to Portugal. As I have said before, that’s a regrettable hazard of modelling!!

I’ll do the odd vlog but I’m sure there’s only so much smug you can all take! Keep up with my antics on Instagram (@1rebeccapearson), Facebook ( and Snapchat (Modeltypeface), which I’ll regularly update.


Rebecca xxxxxxxx

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