Modeltypeface gets a Makeover!

So! You know how I’m always moaning and groaning away at you to ‘be groomed‘ and ‘wear smart figure hugging black clothes‘ and stuff?

Well, my agency is always moaning on at me to do the same thing.

It has always been a problem of mine, ever since Sarah Leon (New Faces creator extraordinaire) gave me a bin bag of her own clothes out of frustration. Honestly, Dear Reader, I DO TRY! But on me, clothes that look glamorous on all the other models look, well, 6th Form Common Room on me. I buy a tight, sexy polka dot dress that I KNOW my booker Igor will love? Turns out it looks like a nauseating magic eye pattern in polaroids. I wear the requisite skinny jeans? Oops, when did that toothpaste get there?

Yesterday, a mega big casting came through: Nespresso, with George Clooney. I was the only model in my agency asked in for the casting. My bookers rang me in a panic, thereby panicking me greatly….’BUY BLACK SKINNY JEANS! BUY A BLACK DRESS! BUY A BLACK STRAPPY TOP!’

But you see…I DO buy them, but they always look wrong on me somehow!

Luckily, I have an amazing agency who really, truly wanted me to get the job because they love me. They decided not to let me anywhere near that casting unless they had thoroughly vetted my appearance first.

So I met my booker, Billy, in Zara in Bond Street first thing in the morning. I would like to say that this was a crushing chore for her but frankly I think she rather enjoyed shopping-with-my-credit-card! “Right! It’s time to lose the geek chic. I love you, but let’s get you out of the Big Bang Theory and into some killer casting outfits.”

Which is funny, cos my ex-housemates called me Sheldon.


We went around and she said ‘pick what you like’, which I ignored as I was too scared to. Billy picked up black this and black that and after a while I got quite into it actually. I felt genuinely proud when I picked up stuff she approved of.

There was a nice moment where Billy said, “I told everyone at the agency to take it easy on you because we love you so we’re always telling you to buy these outfits, and then you come in with the outfit we told you to buy, and it’s wrong.”

“Yes I want to ask you about that! How comes jeans and a black t shirt looks amazing on everyone else apart from me?”

“Well it looks good, but then you shove it in your bag and it’s all crumpled and a thread’s hanging loose.” This is so, so true.

“Maybe it’s time I bought an iron…”


We went in with loads of outfits, all of them black.


My favourite ‘Princess Diaries’ moment was when I went in the changing room in a hoodie, jeans, trainers and backpack and came out in this simple black dress. Billy had shown me it on the site, but I thought it’d make me look fat by clinging to the wrong bits. Turns out it fitted like a dream, and all my hard work at the Barre has paid off, giving me confidence.


Then we tried on some cropped trousers, which I love on other people but I was afraid would look weird on me. I sort of loved them, and Billy did too, and it she thought they were good then I was buying them!


Our first part was done! Then it was onto the agency to show Igor. I got changed into the trousers first, and Igor looked, straight-faced and speechless, then went back to looking at his computer. Now, anyone else might be offended but, knowing Igor as I know Igor, it could mean only one thing: he was dancing on the inside.

Then for the dress: he couldn’t help it – HE SMILED! And said, “I want to burn all your other clothes now.” Igor was off The Happy Scale.

Final part: Igor did my hair! Now I actually had no idea that my hair was a problem. It’s all wavy and thick and looks really shiny and healthy even though I don’t do anything to it. Here’s a back view from when I was on the news:

BBC news hair

Turns out I should have blow dried hair, which means that I am going to have to become one of those people who wakes up every morning and goes to my agency to make Igor do it blow dries my hair.


It was Polaroid time…


I felt coiffed and elegant and ready for Mr Clooney. I had lost so much faith in my own taste in clothes that it was great to just have someone do it all for me. Hopefully it’ll lead to better work, as I know I’ll be heading into castings and shoots with way more confidence.

Now I realise that I’ve started a website offering advice when in fact *I* am the one in need of advice, but hear me out. Yes I’m not the most gleaming example of a glamourpuss, but you can still learn two golden nuggets from this experience:

1) Always be open to advice and change.

2) Be at an agency who you love, and they will love you back.


Rebecca x

The whole look is from Zara.

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  1. Lyn wrote:

    What a brilliant blog, thoroughly enjoyed reading it. The very best of luck for the ad.

  2. Rebecca wrote:

    You look gorgeous! I want to know how the casting went!!! x

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