Modeltypeface Bravely Tries SNAIL GEL by Dr Organic!

I know right? Snail slime in your face cream sounds a bit…grim. My boyfriend screwed up his face when he saw the packaging and I pretended like I was never gonna use it. ‘Weirdo beauty freaks will try anything’ I scoffed, knowing full well that as soon as he was out of my apartment I was gonna give it a go.

I’m not that squeamish, and I’d already heard of the benefits of snail slime *shudders*. The healing properties of snail slime (gonna keep saying those words) were discovered when workers on snail farms realised that their hands were deeply moisturised, blemish-free and cuts never got infected or inflamed anymore.  Glowing farmhands, if you will.

So Dr Organic, who I truly love for their enormous spectrum of products that utilise all my favourite ingredients such as lavender, Argan oil and Manuka honey, plonked some snaily goodness into skincare. Intrepid model and beauty investigator as I am, I gave it a go.

I tried the serum and the gel. Picture 2 Picture 1

I started out using the serum as an intensive hand mask at night, as I was wary of putting it on my face. Just something about the thought of snails on my face put me off! But my hands, which are generally chapped, cut and dry no matter what magical potions I put on them were miraculously hydrated and became, after a few days, ‘Fairy Liquid Ad’ quality!

I felt like if it worked such magic on my hands, it would surely work on my face, too? I couldn’t waste this special stuff solely on my hands! So I started using it as both a day and night serum and I really, really love it. I save it for days when my skin is looking and feeling parched: after flying, or when I’ve been in the sun, for example. It’s a great base under a light moisturiser and make up.

The moisturiser is a gel, which I’ve always tended to avoid but actually I’ve loved this lighter consistency in the sporadic warmer weather we’ve been enjoying. It’s so cooling, and worked brilliantly on my slightly sunburned nose, cooling it down and taking away any redness. It also turned out to be a little miracle worker on bites – not only reducing the infection but clearing up the scars, too.

Look – this isn’t the most glamorous sounding ingredient, but at least it’s natural and it’s not like the snail is actually sitting in the pot, handing out dollops of slime.

snail labrynthe

If you didn’t know where it came from, it’d just seem like an innocuous, unscented gel or serum and the benefits far outweigh the initial shudderation!

Give it a go this summer – both products are fantastically lightweight but effective, and make a great switch from the heavier stuff that I rely on in winter but clog my pores in summer. The gel is £17.99 for 30ml and the gel is £19.99 for 50ml. Both come in glass bottles too, which pleased the eco-warrior in me! You can get Dr Organic from Holland and Barrett.

Rebecca x

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PS in case you’re puzzled, the picture is The Snail by Matisse!

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