Modeltypeface Beauty: My Top 3 Hair Products For Sad And Mangled Tresses

I remember a really arsey hair stylist getting annoyed at me a couple of years ago.

“What do you use on your hair? It’s not in great condition.”
(FYI I thought my hair felt lovely!) “Some organic stuff from the local hippy shop.”
“Eurgh, it’s so irritating that girls will use a £50 moisturiser on their face but use crap on their hair.”

I wanted to say, “Maybe it’s cos make up artists use wildly expensive products on my skin and sit there stroking my face gently for an hour and a half, whereas you will spray a whole can of liquid nitrogen on my hair and then burn it to buggery, letting it make hissing noises as my follicles scream out an agonising death”

What I actually said was probably more along the lines of…

“Sorry mister, please don’t hurt me with those tongs.”

However, he put the fear of God in me and, in case we ever cross paths again, I’ve been using proper shampoo and conditioners since. I favour natural and organic products, but that’s not to everyone’s taste and budget. I’m also gonna do a post on looking after Afro hair with Rudie McCree soon.

1) Burt’s bees Baoab Shampoo & Conditioner, £9.99 each from


Everyone gets dry hair in modelling – the heated styling tools, the hair spray and the constant back combing will ensure that. So it’s all about getting as much moisture in there, without overloading it with silicone-filled serums that will leave your hair flat and hard for stylists to manage.

Baoab trees grow in Africa, and are called ‘The Tree of Life’ out there. They are amazing at storing water, and the fruit the produce is rich in vitamin c and iron among many other things.

imageA baobab tree – pretty cool, huh!

This product, therefore, is brilliant at quenching your thirsty hair as well as making it gleam with a vitamin boost. Put the conditioner on dry hair and let it soak in overnight for a brilliant hair treatment.

2) L’Oreal Elvive from £1.99 at and most supermarkets and pharmacies

imageBecause you’re worth it!

You’ll be able to find this in most countries, so it’s one of those reliable products where you know what you’re getting. This gets great results for a very cheap price – I recommend the red ‘Colour Protect’ range as it’s the most moisturising. I always get compliments on my hair when I use this!

If your hair has been back combed or burnt to a crisp on a shoot, put on the conditioner before even wetting your hair. Leave it on for a while, and then gently comb it through (I can’t recommend a Tangle Teeze enough!) this will prevent further hair splitting and retain what precious moisture there is left in your hair!

3) Kerastase Nutritive Range Shampoo (£13.60) and Conditioner (£16) from

imagePricey but effective – don’t let your boyfriend near it!

This is expensive. I know. But it will make your hair feel like cashmere – soft to the touch, rich and smooth. It’s the loving touch your hair really needs after being so ill-treated on shoots.

To get the most out of the conditioner, towel dry your hair after shampooing and before applying the conditioner. Let it sink in for at least a minute – more of the conditioner will sink in and treat your hair. Remember to keep your receipts as you can claim it back on tax!

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