I just had to share with you this horrific story. A recently graduated actress who, ten years ago, went to a photographer’s flat for a test shoot and got some great pics. She went back the next day, after hearing she’d been booked on a £7k shoot – only to be drugged, raped, moved to another room and raped for three days by numerous men.



I’ve had only good experiences, but the number of photographers who I’ve shot with, who have approached me on Instagram, does make me think a bit. Only EVER agree to shoot with people your agency have scanned, who have been recommended by friends and who you can meet with for coffee first and preferably shoot in public with. It’s not worth taking the risk. This really could happen to any of us.

Rebecca x


  1. […] with them that he was legit and not dodgy in any way, and told my agency that I was doing the shoot. I’ve spoken before about testing with photographers and checking that the situation is safe and I definitely felt comfortable and secure in this […]

  2. […] It’s hard to unpick what is solid fact but one thing is clear: this is big money and big business for certain deplorable souls who make huge amounts from trafficking these victims. It’s not the first time I’ve covered a model drugging/sex trafficking story on Modeltype… […]

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