Modelling for the Delamar Academy

You never know what roads will lead to which locations! Metaphorically speaking of course, we have Google Maps these days.

As you may know, I frequently (religiously) attend dance classes, where I happened to make friends with a particularly warm, chatty and sassy-twerking lady, Emma, whom I kept bumping into around town willy nilly.

I do feel that sometimes fate works in funny ways and, as it happens, Emma started working at Delamar Academy, who are world-renowned for their make up courses. Emma booked me to be the model for a Mary Greenwell masterclass – if you don’t know Mary Greenwell, you will have seen her work – she has made up every supermodel for every cover and now makes up the biggest stars for the Red Carpet (Cate Blanchett, Lily Collins…). And now even Rebecca Pearson of Modeltypeface! Jokes.


But wow, being made up by a legend was a real treat, as was meeting the ladies at Delamar Academy who are all passionate and driven and kind.

Emma asked if I’d model for their graduate and advanced student shoots. ‘Sure’, I thought, I’ll help Emma out. A few hours out of my day, maybe a coupla pics for Instagram, bit of cash.

I was wrong!

Their students were actually brilliant. I didn’t just get the odd pic for Insta; my portfolio has been updated with them. These were proper shoots with photographers Thea Baddiley as well as Sandrine and Michael, all of whom work with really big clients. And as for the models – they were using new faces who are ones to watch, getting jobs for Vogue and so on. So actually it was I who was lucky to be booked!

Like many models out there I’ve done student shoots before as well as Graduate Fashion Week and numerous tests for people just starting out. There tends to be one or two standouts, three or four wacky ‘out-theres’ who get the front pages and the rest are a little mediocre.

Well not this time. Us models know how to spot a good ‘un. The make up artist will put out their kit in an orderly fashion on a clean towel. There’ll be a Bioderma, maybe an Embryolisse. They’ll chat to us and check us for skin sensitivity, none of their brushes will scratch, their make up will flatter our faces and adapt as they quickly learn the contours of our face (rather than sticking to a look they had in mind) and they’ll remain calm even as eyeliners fail to match up or colours don’t come out quite right. Every single model at these shoots got that same great experience (as well as shots).

Having shot three times with three different students and observed the other looks on other models, these guys are being primed for the industry thoroughly and properly. I’m delighted with my shots, which I’ve shown you below, and if you’re thinking of doing a make up course then may I please recommend Delamar?!

These were by Thea Baddiley, make up and hair by Ana Jay:

This was by Sandrine and Michael and the hair and MUA was by Elfreda Henebeng:

And finally this, again by Sandrine and Michael, mua and hair Helena Ducros

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