Modelling and Motherhood V: Sophie Holmes

We’ve all met Sophie Holmes a few times here on Modeltypeface. She gave me a fab interview, talking about her journey through modelling (not always an easy ride) and how getting strong finally made her confident about her body and diet.

Sophie bikini

In the meantime, Sophie has popped out a daughter (literally: her labour was 2 hours and 35 minutes) named Stevie, moved to South Africa and seems to be getting a great balance of commercial work, sweaty workouts and unbelievably cute hangouts with her daughter and doggies, Rome and Cleo.


I caught up with Sophie to ask her some questions about modelling and motherhood, knowing that as always she’d be open, honest and admirably matter of fact about it all!

R: Hey Sophie! Hope life is treating you well over in SA! I’ve got lots of questions about motherhood. Firstly, a big one: how has it changed you?!

S: Motherhood has made me softer. Everything I do now has my daughter (and my husband, my family unit in general) in mind. I now know what I have to lose and it’s terrifying! But awesome at the same time.

R: Do you find modelling and motherhood clash at all?

S: I actually think they mesh pretty well, and being married to a model comes in very handy. For a long time, we’ve not worked on the same days (unless we shoot together or the job can’t be turned down) because of our dogs, so now when one of us works, the other stays home!


I take my breast pump and return with replacement milk for what was used. I also believe a healthy family is a healthy baby, so I feel like I’m doing us all a favour by taking care of myself.

R: I agree! In our interview, you talked about being a ‘body freak’ who is almost obsessive about working out and maintaining your splendid physique. Were you worried about what pregnancy would do to your figure?

S: I wasn’t too worried in the start, just determined to be one of ‘those mums’ who bounced back relatively quickly. I did start to worry when I could only eat bread due to morning sickness!

No but seriously, I tried to stay healthy and balanced during pregnancy, I exercised up until 37 weeks and I think that helps with the mindset more than anything afterwards. I was back in my size 6-8 jeans after about 5.5 months so I was happy with that!

FullSizeRender_2Sophie worked incredible hard to get her body back after pregnancy. And that dedication paid off!

R: Impressive! How did your agency react when you told them about the impending human you were growing in your womb?

S: My Booker knew I’d been wanting children so they were very excited for me!

R: And how do you feel about your body after pregnancy and birth?

S I’m very happy with my body – more so than before (although my little bum I was so proud of appears to have vanished somewhat). I have more curve, slightly different hips, and I’m aware of how amazing the human body is. I pushed out a child in just over two hours and I’m now nourishing said child through my body – I have a whole new respect for what women can do.


That makes me love my body (droopy right boob and flat bum included!)

R: Now your little munchkin is over a year, are you finding the balance between work and being there to look after her OK?

S: So far the balance has been easy. But then the longest I’ve been away so far is 3 nights, so ask me again when it’s been longer! Once I stop breastfeeding I’m sure it will be a bit easier, so not long till then.

R: Stevie is beautiful, which is unsurprising with such goodlooking parents! Would you be happy for her to model?

S: I’ve been asked a few times about putting Stevie in to modelling, but I think we’ve passed the stage now where I’d be happy with her child modelling. Pete’s a bit more fond of the idea, so right no we’re undecided. If she wants to model when she’s an adult, then I’d be happy for her to – but I’d want to do things the way my parents did, where one of us chaperones her until she’s old enough to go on her own.

R: What advice would you give to any models thinking of having kids?

S: Modelling is actually a nice industry for mothers. Sure, we don’t get as much work as we used to, but that’s the balance. Provided you can still take care of yourself after having your child, then it’s completely realistic to work. And everybody loves a cute baby!

Just make sure to take care of yourself at all times, mentally as well as physically, keep people in the know as to when you want time off and when you want to return to work, and be honest with the amount of can do.

R: Wise words indeed. Thanks Sophie for all your honesty and taking the time between jobs, baby, workouts, dogs and husband!

Rebecca x

PS just wanted to make it clear to anyone reading this who might have had kids and doesn’t have a post-baby body like Sophie…Sophie’s figure is her JOB! And she LOVES working out and feeling the burn, plus as she didn’t have to be in an office 9-5, it will have been a bit easier for her to find the time. My body doesn’t look like that and I don’t even have a dog let alone kids or a full time job! I just wanted to say it in case anyone was comparing themselves to those abs up there ^^^^^ xx

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  1. Robina Bolton wrote:

    Sophie has worked hard with a healthy diet and exercise to get back into shape ! She is amazing and I admire her so much ! Very proud she is my special daughter-in-law !

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