Modelling and Motherhood Pt IV: Charlotte Connoley Talks Body, Boobs and Babies!

Next up in my series on motherhood and modelling, I meet previous MTF interviewee Charlotte Connoley, who talks with unflinching honesty about what why it was the right time to have babies, and how she’s found it all.

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Hi Charlotte! Did you have any worries about having children before you had your two girls?

No I didn’t worry about having children as I was 30 so i needed to get on with it! I had modelled for a good 15 years before settling down to have kids so I felt the time was right. Modelling had to take a back seat. Sure I did a few jobs for maternity wear which was fun but I had no worries at all.


How did you feel when your body was changing during pregnancy? Was it weird?

My skin actually got better when I was pregnant with all those lovely hormones floating around my body, which was a huge bonus for me and I do feel it was the kick up the arse it needed as i havn’t really had a problem since with my skin. Body wise though, I didn’t balloon up like some poor girls do. I pretty much stayed the same shape but obviously had a huge tummy and huge Road Map vein tits! I think a lot of women like to scaremonger other women by saying your vagina will never be the same and you will get stretch marks but I can honestly say that my vagina is just as good as it was before…after all it’s a muscle after all and muscle has the best memory and remembering where it should be right?

I’ve got no stretch marks either…I am very lucky. Although I did breastfeed my first little girl ‘til 9 months and she preferred my right tit to my left one..!!!!! Don’t ask! So i have one slightly smaller tit but nothing that a push up bra can’t hide!

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How did your agency react when you told them you were pregnant?

I was with Union when I fell pregnant and funnily enough my booker was at Primary school with me! She knew I had got married 2 years before so it was on the cards. Modelling was slowing down anyhow so it felt a good time to pop off to push out a human

What’s the best thing about being a Mum?

The best things about being a mummy is when they say I love you, the first smile, the first hold, the bubble after giving birth and its just you and your baby…Brad Pitt and Angelina could be in the bed next to you on the ward f**king but you wouldn’t notice as you cant actually take your eyes off your new baby. It’s amazing seeing them grow and change into little people. I love the chats we have together, the innocence, watching them play and interpret being a mum or a doctor and seeing their faces when they play that role….

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I could go on an on and on! Sure they drive me mental most days and I turn into shouty Mummy but i think the good bits weigh out the hard bits. I only have to watch the news and feel so lucky that my children are fed, warm, safe in bed knowing they have nothing to worry about.

What would you do if your daughters wanted to model?

I have a feeling my eldest may have the looks and height to model. I need to see what the industry is like at that moment she wants to step into it and I will do exactly what my mum did with me and go EVERYWHERE with her. I am so thankful to her for that. I never felt scared or worried. She would come on jobs, trips, castings and I would 100 per cent do the same to keep her grounded and to feel safe. Not that anything dodgy ever happened to me but you never know. I don’t ever want to tell them they cant fulfil what they want to do ( within reason). I would feel like a hypocrite if I did.

Charlotteconnoley1Charlotte as a young model

Thank you Charlotte! So many original and interesting points. And your two girls are gorgeous.

Rebecca x

All pictures from Charlotte’s Instagram.

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