Modelling and Motherhood: Pt I

I’d better start with a disclaimer here…I’m not pregnant!

I’m not planning to get pregnant any time soon, either. In fact those broody feelings everyone else seems to be bursting with totally elude me. I’d much rather a rescue dog. Or cat. Or parrot. Chinchilla? Duck?

However, you do reach an age – especially if you’re in a relationship over a year long – where everyone feels the need to ask you if you want marriage and babies soon. When you feel a pressure to ask yourself, ‘Do I want babies? Should I want babies? Is it wrong I want to cry when I leave dogs I’ve cuddled all day, yet holding a baby for more than 5 minutes both bores and stresses me out?’


I used to be diametrically opposed to the idea of kids, but I’m now aware that at some point, my womb might kick in and make me want to utilise it. I do find some kids funny, and weirdly they do seem to love me.

Mulling over these things leads to a general… ‘I might want babies in my future, so I ought to get my life in the sort of order that would allow for cultivating a human’.

And that’s where a lot of models get a bit worried. You see, we have a job that relies on us being available to our bookers, 24/7. A job where we have to be rather selfish, getting the sleep, exercise and fancy superfoods we need to compete in body, energy and complexion with other models. We don’t know when the next job or paycheck will come in, and money can get very desperately tight at times.

Worst of all, you work your way to the top by your early teens/20s, coast on that success for a decade and then the job dries up – the great bookings can still come in – but they’re fewer and further between. That means many models have to work their way up from the lower rungs of the ladder in a totally new profession in their late 20s/early 30s.

Which is basically my way of saying that I find the whole thing terrifying, and I don’t think I’m alone here. I thought it was time to stop stressing myself out about these imaginary scenarios and face my fears head on. Not by getting pregnant of course (sorry Mum-in-law) and ask my model mummy mates their advice.

My plan was for a blog post with the best, most profound snippets of what they said – but my plans are out of the window because they all responded with such thoughtful, magic, funny responses that I want you all to see them in their entirety! So I’ll be putting these out in Chapters, and I hope you love them as much as I did.

First up, tomorrow will be Jen Dawson and Louise Inchley’s interview. And any mamas (models or no!) please feel free to chime in with an advice, thoughts or experiences. In fact, non-mamas, people who don’t want kids, anyone – I want to hear from you!

Rebecca xx

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