Today’s #ModelCrushMonday is Karen Elson. There is simply no other face like her’s:


Her rapid ascent to the upper echelons of fashion heralded in a new age of modelling: gone were the wholesomely sexy, glossy supers and in their place, a new breed of martians. Tall, lanky, at times even alienating with their features and ability to push the boundaries of what a model should look like in a magazine, models like Karen, Erin and Kate revolutionised the scene. Designers like Alexander McQueen embraced their different aesthetic.


Karen has that key ingredient that gives any model longevity: versatility, which is why she enjoys a career still going strong after being scouted in 1995. Though initially she was known for her singular features, her body of work displays the spectrum between a pale, eyebrow-less alien through to a strong, confident, sexual woman. This is why she has been embraced bybe pressure designers like Jean Paul Gaultier.


I love her. I just think that she has a bewitching face, and that’s why Karen Elson is this week’s #ModelCrushMonday.

Rebecca x

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