#ModelCrushMonday: Yasmin Le Bon

I think today’s #ModelCrushMonday has one of my favourite faces of all time.


It’s just everything all at once: naturally sensual, angular without being harsh, friendly but with something held back, exotic but hard to place and relatable yet editorial.

She’s married into pop royalty too – I’m sure many girls in the 80s dreamed of being her – walking up the aisle and attending all the best parties on the arm of Duran Duran singer Simon Le Bon.


So Yasmin quite hilariously started out as a hand model. She had been scouted as a teenager but had a bit of puppy fat, and her first jobs were pretty low-key – advertising hoovers, cars and the like. However, coming down to London, bedraggled from a downpour, Yasmin walked into Models 1 and was signed on the spot.

Many models will find it refreshing that it took Yasmin quite a long time to become established in the fashion industry. It was more about steady, commercial jobs as her career gained ascendancy, and she’s worked steadily and successfully ever since, well into her 50s (though she could still pass for 29!).


I rather love the fact that Simon Le Bon tracked Yasmin down after seeing her on a 19 cover and saying that she had the sort of face he could wake up to forever. Having tracked her down, dated her for 2 weeks and dumped her cos she wouldn’t sleep with him, they ended up getting back together and she married her ‘only boyfriend’. When he first rang her up for a date she said she’d, “Rather date Rod Stewart.” Ha!

So anyway – why is Yasmin my #ModelCrushMonday? I like her verve and her demeanour – she always radiates friendliness and intelligence alongside that doe-eyed beauty. She doesn’t ‘try’ in pictures – it just looks like she’s standing there looking like that – of course I love to see the Cocos of this world but it’s also nice to have a bit of calm sometimes, too.


She’s also maintained a very public profile whilst never putting it all out there, appearing on zillions of covers of the years but never giving us Yasmin fatigue. She’s a star without too much gloss; a top earning supermodel without overkill.

Rebecca x

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