#ModelCrushMonday: Winne Harlow Who Wants To #BringBackTheBees (On a Tuesday cos we were all P*ssed in a Park Yesterday)

Winne Harlow is this week’s #ModelCrushMonday because, not only is she helping re-shape the way society frames beauty, she also wants to save the bees.

I saw the America’s Next Top Model cycle that Winnie was in. Everyone reacted to her features – tall, lithe, huge-eyed and especially unique thanks to the vitiligo that marks her skin so beautifully.

It was an interesting watch: the show illustrated, in a microcosm, how people react to anyone who looks ‘different’. There were people fawning over her features, some seemed fascinated and others a little disconcerted; I remember one show where the photographer called her ‘Panda’ and seemed offended that this upset Winnie. In an already intense situation of backbiting and competition with cameras recording your every move, this must have made the experience even more confusing and disorientating.

Anyway, of course her looks are important but anyone who loves the bees is a friend of mine! Winnie is taking part in Burt’s Bees’ ‘Bring Back The Bees’ campaign…

For every Coconut & Pear lip balm sold (believe me, it’s my fave, and I know that it might seem a bit of a strange combo, but IT WORKS) Burt’s Bees will plant 5000 bee-friendly wildflower seeds in the UK. (It’s £3.99 from Burtsbees.co.uk).

Now I don’t want to bore you all, but when you see huge fields of one crop like rapeseed oil (those bright yellow fields) this isn’t great for the bees. Bees need a range of flowers because their probiscuses (kinda like their tongues) can’t reach the nectar in all flowers. When they have loads of different flowers to drink from, it’s good for them and it’s good for us because they pollinate across lots of different plants – hence they produce 1/3 of our fruits and vegetables.

By the way – you can also help #BringBackTheBees by releasing 5000 of those seeds by uploading a #selflessselfie to http://bringbackthebees.burtsbees.co.uk/en_UK/ – I’m certainly going to!

Bees, individuality and activism – exactly what I like in a #ModelCrushMonday!

Rebecca x

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