#ModelCrushMonday: Theo Games Petrohilos

Ola! I hope you’re all well – I’ve been in Mexico on a job with today’s #ModelCrushMonday, Theo Games Petrohilos. Who also happens to be my boyfriend.

Now, you might think this might be a bit biased, but hear me out…

So basically, Theo is an architect not a model. He actually spent a little time at Select when he was 15, but it didn’t really go anywhere, as is the case with most New Faces, so his experience of modelling is pretty limited.

However we got booked (utterly last minute) on a very exciting job in Mexico! On the job, they wanted us to be natural – just laughing, hanging out, playing in the water and ‘being ourselves’.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to ‘be yourself’ on camera, acting spontaneously yet photogenically with 20 people scrutinising your every move and the hotel’s residents filming it all on their smartphones? There are so many models who are rubbish at this sort of stuff – it’s all too easy to feel stupid and look cheesy, or worse still wooden.

Was Theo at all phased? No siree! I was incredibly impressed at how natural, fun and unself-conscious he was, taking everything in his stride. He calmly got through getting his arms waxed for the first time, having me ban him from beating bread, nailing endless underwater shots, coaxing the best out of reticent children…And I have to say, looking like a total dreamboat in the shots!


This was seriously one of the best jobs of my whole career, and being able to share the experience with Theo made it that much more special. I’m not sure he’ll ever believe me about ‘really tough shoots’ ever again!

Rebecca x

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