#ModelCrushMonday: Tessa Maye

I actually developed my #ModelCrushMonday on Tessa within about 5 minutes of meeting her – but since following her on social media, it’s getting stronger.

Tess is down-to-earth, intelligent and wickedly funny. I was delighted to find a like-soul in Tessa when we cast and then shot together for the Littlewoods Ireland Commercial.


She just gets the balance right between being a bit of a clown who is up for making herself look silly, and being a professional who cares that the work she does makes everyone happy.


I also like the fact that she’ll know everyone’s name on set, from the lowliest gaffer to the Director. I’d walk away from a casual conversation with Tessa to get (another) biscuit and by the time I walked back, crumbs around my mouth, someone would be spilling their life story to her while she counselled them.

Lastly, she refuses to fight her natural body shape (like me, Tessa has thighs and a bum). And you know what? It works for her! She works all the time and is always looking drop dead hot in lingerie.


Humility, humour and a hot ass. That’s Tessa Maye and that’s why she’s my #ModelCrushMonday!

Tessa is at Storm Models, and here’s her cracking Instagram.

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