#ModelCrushMonday: Tamsin Carter

When I first met Tamsin Carter, I thought she was a bit loud.

That’s a lie. I thought she was WAY TOO LOUD!

However, either the loudness has calmed down or all that shouting has weakened my hearing, because I now see Tamsin for the brilliant model and lovely soul she is.

tamsinClick on this pic for Tamsin’s Instagram…

Tamsin has an incredible long, lean body…


…And a face that, because of her unusual nose and piercing eyes, I’d class as very editorial, so she’s perfect for shows, magazines and fashion campaigns. However I can see that in a few years, she’ll make the crossover into banging commercial model, which is the ideal scenario.*

Tamsin JayPic by Jay McClaughlin

The main reason that Tamsin’s my #ModelCrushMonday is this: she’s determined and professional. If someone tells me there’s something wrong with me, I think, “Oh, well someone else might like that, so I’ll ignore the comments,” and hope for the best. Tamsin, on the other hand, takes that criticism on board, discusses it with her agency (and Mum) and, if she thinks it’s gonna help her job, works at it relentlessly.

One client described her figure as ‘too boyish’, so she’s been hula hooping every day to successfully develop a waist (which will help with other jobs, too). Then everyone kept telling her that her legs were a bit SKINNY! (yes, it can happen in modelling) so she’s been doing her jump squats daily to get a butt and close that natural thigh gap of hers.

Along with her increbile face, naturally lithe body and, best of all, her sense of humour, it’s this sort of attitude that’s gonna get Tamsin right to the top. You read it here first!

 Rebecca x

* (Some girls get trapped in editorial, make tonnes of money doing campaigns and shows in their teens and early twenties but then have to traipse around going to Fashion Week, unpaid online magazines and hair castings at 30 when their peers are cashing in on shampoo adverts).

Tamsin is at Bookings Models.

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