#ModelCrushMonday: Stephanie Boote

Stephanie Boote no longer models, but she’s mine and many other people’s #ModelCrushMonday because of her spirit and humour.

Steph was scouted by the owners of Select at the grand old age of 21, working in a shoe shop. They followed her round, demanding she join the agency, while she walked off trying to avoid them.

We were new faces together, I was 17 she 21, and there was always a gravitational pull around Steph: she wasn’t loud or a show-off in the least but was always centre of attention because she was clever and funny and called BS on an industry that the rest of us were sort of in love with.

Of course, having that laissez-faire attitude to it all meant that Steph nailed loads of brilliant editorials, for iD and The Face, but there were rougher elements to it, too. I remember there was always something that the agency were trying to change (as most agents do with most models) from style to skincare, but being older meant that it felt as though Steph was more resistant to it all.

Steph went on to become a really successful commercial model, but decided to quit while she was ahead and join the world of catering where she was overworked, underpaid, frequently injured but living her passion. Now she’s a fully established, respected chef and caterer and whenever I see her seems far happier in her own skin, studying squirrels and cultivating fenugreek seeds on her windowsill. And, most of all, staring at her cat Louie a lot.

With that killer bone structure and those pouty lips, Steph is a total babe but I also love her because she showed me that, though modelling is awesome at times, it’s not the be-all-and-end-all and a bit of distance is a healthy thing. Out of all the models in the world, Steph is the one that clients ask me about and remember fondly.

Also, there’s the mutual love of cats.

Rebecca x

Check out www.stephaniebootecatering.com

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