#ModelCrushMonday: Sophie Thomas

Ooooh what an exciting #ModelCrushMonday. This model crackles with energy and plans and intelligence and coconut oil – but is somehow not annoying/envy-inducing but inspiring and energizing.


Best of all, this girl is utterly uncategorisable and that’s the main reason she’s my #ModelCrushMonday!

So – I actually met Sophie on the Internet before I met her IRL. I started following her a few years ago (stalker alert) and was highly impressed by all the exercise and healthy food she tweeted about. Compared to many other virtuous, healthy social media accounts, Sophie’s feed isn’t a tyranny of joyless chicken and veiny, overlit abs*. There’s far more humour and honesty and originality, which is much more likely to have me putting down the Babybels and picking up the dumbbells.

As a model, Sophie has a very English Rose, ethereal, classical look, with the sort of skin that can only come from no booze or drugs or smoking, daily gym visits, yoga and copious amounts of the right proteins (I think those are ones that aren’t in Lion Bars FYI). Once again beyond the boundary fences of life, Sophie’s not a skinny stick and she’s not plus size. She’s got an arse, hips and a pair of boobs (pretty much illegal in my industry to have all three at once) AND a tiny waist, so she’s somewhere in the middle – a tough place to be in terms of sample sizes.


Instead of skinnying down or chubbying up just to fit into what boxes the fashion industry demands of models, Sophie’s just going about her business of booking jobs based on the her confidence as well as the fact that *SHOCK KLAXON* boobs, hips and a small waist look rather nice (and luscious, coconut oil-masked hair). (You need to to teach me how to do that without getting horrible greasy hair for a week, Sophie…)


Last but not least, Sophie has a crazy questing intellect that is always out to discover and argue and debate and learn in a way that reminds me when I was at Uni! Quite where she finds this insane level of energy is beyond me (or it may lie in jars of nut butter, I’m not sure).


Sophie’s planning on learning all the languages, sciences, humanities and health stuff and basically building her own empire, starting with her blog A Model Example (with e-book) and working her way enthusiastically onwards, high on life.

Most people would be happy to have HALF the energy that Sophie fizzes with, and she channels it into her insane fitness AND degree AND blog AND modelling career….With extra to spare! I think she’s on her way to world domination so that’s why she’s today’s #ModelCrushMonday!

Rebecca x

Check out Sophie’s Instagram.

*There are some overlit abs. But never veiny.

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