#ModelCrushMonday: Shalom Harlow

Shalom Harlow is such an inspiring model. Designers love her, and have loved her for decades. But despite appearing in editorials and catwalks with the biggest names in the business, few laypeople know of her as they will have heard of Naomi and Kate.

There’s something very serene and classic about Shalom, which comes across on the catwalk. Here she is rocking some pretty classic 90’s looks whilst gliding down the runway, then backstage as the slight nerd who got scouted at a The Cure concert (awesome) and talking about canoeing:

Those wide set cat eyes and thick wavy hair make her look like a silver screen starlet of the 50s, but there’s also something quite….quiet, relatable and demure about Shalom’s features, they don’t jump out and punch you in the face like many other huge models like Kristen McMenamy.

Shalom has scored plenty of covers in her career…

…But it’s her catwalk that I like the best. Her dance background (ballet and tap) combined with her tall, lean physique that have made her a huge hit with designers such as Gaultier, Dior and McQueen.

Here she is, hauntingly fulfilling McQueen’s vision for Savage Beauty…

I just think she’s amazing! She’s now moved into the acting world, but I’m sure we’ll see a revival if and when she decides to return.

Rebecca x

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