#ModelCrushMonday: Ryan Barrett

This week’s #ModelCrush Monday is a Versace model and a potter.

Need I say more?

Ryan Barrett has the kind of sculpted bod and chiseled face to win all the big campaigns, but with enough uniqueness about his look (them ears, for starters) to stop him from being your typical commercial male model.

Yep, he’s a handsome chap.

Pic from Ryan’s Instagram

But far more excitingly, he’s a potter and makes interesting pottery things and best of all he won The Great British Pottery Showdown, which is definitely the sort of thing I’d watch if I owned a TV.

He looks superimposed…

I’m always giving you lot the advice that we should have a few more strings to our bow but pottery..That’s taking it to another level and I can only high five Ryan for that! Ryan graduated with a first class BA in fine art from Goldsmiths, and has since got into pottery. My stalking research shows me that Ryan took a girl from Tinder on a date to a pottery class and fell in love with it there (not sure what happened with the girl). He’s got his own fashion textiles business, vooprint.com, and just generally seems like a very productive, driven, sexy successful chap.

I think I need to join Tinder…

Rebecca x

Ryan is at Models 1

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