#ModelCrushMonday: Rosemary Ferguson

Rosemary Ferguson is my #ModelCrushMonday because she has, and always has had, a face full of character, self-confidence and intelligence. And also because I really like the name Rosemary. And the herb, while I’m on the subject…

Rosemary was huge in the 90s, part of the whole Corinne Day tribe. She summed up the new era of models, post-Cindi et al: grungey, natural and hip. And very often naked.

rosemary2Picture from Pinterest

But even though Rosemary was often topless or in the buff in her shots (check out her shots for some retro bush action. Deffo time to stop with the landing strips, ladies (and gents!)!!), she exuded sexiness in her body language and unaffected poses – compared to today, when models are often back-arched, eye-closed, mouth-agaped and somewhat over-sexualised.


Rosemary is now a nutritionist and naturopath, with a website full of delicious-looking healthy recipes. Perhaps thanks to her love of a green juice, her skin is as porcelain as it has every looked, those strong features standing her in good stead and she looks as beautiful as she ever has.


Just looking at her, I think it’s time to dust off my much-neglected juicer (usurped by it’s fancier interloper, Nutribullet), and get some of those fancy looking potions down me!

An inspiring #ModelCrushMonday indeed!

Rebecca x

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