#ModelCrushMonday: Primrose Archer

I can always spot a future star and Primrose Archer is going to do very well.

She’s got those far apart, alien eyes in a vivid, cornflower blue, pale skin with freckles and almost beaky, bee-stung lips. She’s cute and pretty with the freckles, yet the mouth and eyes make her face quite hard-to-place and other-worldy.

I can imagine her doing Gucci catwalks – she could carry of a Peyton Knight-style pageboy cut as well as boho, Chloe-style campaigns. She reminds me a lot of former Chanel campaign girl Ciara Nugent and I think this girl is going to front a lot of campaigns and covers before moving into more commercial modelling when she’s older.

There hasn’t been a supermodel called Primrose yet – but I think there will be soon!

Rebecca x

Primrose is at Select and all pics are from her Instagram

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