#ModelCrushMonday: Poppy Okotcha

Look at that face! Today’s #ModelCrushMonday is Poppy Okotcha, who has a gorgeous doll face with a constant smile playing on it.


She’s walked for the likes of Westwood and been the face of G-Star Raw, but Poppy already sees her modelling as a platform to do good: organising events to raise money for charity and speaking out about the environment. In fact her dream is to own her own eco-clothing line!


I love seeing someone modelling who is so natural: her afro (in this day an age, still seen as a controversial choice I’m afraid), she smiles, she’s obviously into the environment.


I think Poppy comes across as a wise and curious soul who enjoys all the opportunities thrown at her, who will sit backstage with a book in her hand not just a phone and who will use her beauty for the power of good.

Lastly, when asked what super power she’d have, Poppy replied…

“To be able to talk to anything like animals or even stuff like salt that doesn’t talk, see what it feels like to be salt.”

That’s my kinda #ModelCrushMonday….

Rebecca x

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All pics from Poppy’s Instagram

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