#ModelcrushMonday: Penelope Tree

The first time I saw Penelope Tree’s face, I fell in love with it.

Bearing in mind how many models with an ‘alien’ look we have nowadays, it’s pretty incredible that 60s model Penelope still eclipses them all. She’s still utterly unique, and though she pushed those boundaries decades ago, the way she experimented with her look and expressions continues to challenge us.

penelopeavedonPicture by Avedon (Pic found on Pinterest)

Penelope started in the 60s, in my opinion the most compelling time to be a model. Models did their own make up and hair, and there were so few photographers that a photoshoot was more like a collaboration with a friend. The pictures created during this decade are, without fail, referenced on every single shoot I do. They were exciting at the time, and they still excite and inspire us now – which tells you just what a whirlwind of creation and invention that period of time was, and perhaps how lacking we are these days in fresh inspiration.

Sealing her 60 icon statues, Penelope dated 60s photographer phenomenon David Bailey, which led to some dreamy pictures of that exquisite face…

penelopedavidbailyPenelope by David Baily for Vogue Italia (Pic found on Pinterest)

And I just love the fact that Penelope went pretty wild with it all, playing with her unique face and aesthetic…

Penelope plaits

penelopesquawPic from Vogue.it


Penelope has a fascinating modelling story, and I encourage you to check it out. But the reason that Penelope is my #modelcrushmonday is that you don’t need any of the gossip, the backstory or the biography. Really, truly – the face says it all.


Rebecca x

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Most of these pictures are by ultimate photographers Avedon and Bailey. If you’re not familiar with their work, I urge you to check them out!

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