#ModelCrushMonday: Peggy Moffitt

Peggy Moffitt has one of the faces of the 60s: angular, doll-like, mould-breaking and pretty trippy with all that make up too! She certainly didn’t have the classic beauty of her peers such as Jean Shrimpton, but she had allure and her energy just zings out of the picture.

If you’re looking to become a better model, then look at pictures of Peggy Moffat. She creates incredible lines and shapes with her body, she injects her face with different characters and she’s not afraid to be a bit ‘out there’.

There are no ‘back arched, slightly to the side, hand on hip’ poses here: Peggy is an actress, a muse and a space-age woodland creature all in one.

Despite being the living embodiment of the futurism of the 60s, I think she is also utterly timeless and that her pictures feel as fresh and alive and exciting as the day they were taken. And I think that’s largely down to Peggy. What a #ModelCrushMonday!

Rebecca x

(All images from google image)

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