#ModelCrushMonday: Pat Cleveland

Pat Cleveland. Wow! And that is why she is today’s #ModelCrushMonday.

Pat has modelled throughout the decades, but especially throughout the 60s, 70s and 80s (making a recent return with her daughter, Anna Cleveland).

When she speaks she has this very energetic, breathy, high pitched voice, almost Marilyn Monroe-esque. And she describes being a model throughout such exciting, formative decades, it is so picturesque and eloquent it’s like being transported there – check out her interviews with Nick Knight on ShowStudio:

Statuesque and linear from her top to her toe with balletic grace and a touch of surreal about her, Pat also has a fizz and a vibrancy that made her a model and muse for Karl Lagerfeld, Thierry Mugler and Dior as well as shooting with Irving Penn, Steven Meisel and even Andy Warhol. This woman has LIVED fashion!

However there is also a steel to Cleveland – having experienced racism in the Deep South whilst on tour with Ebony Magazine, as well as perceiving racism towards black models – Cleveland moved to Paris until a black model was featured on the cover of American Vogue.

She and her daughter have recently modelled together and clearly adore the art of modelling as much as one another, both being blessed with transformative qualities yet retaining their own essence at all times.

I just think she has lived an incredible life and made the most of it, whilst being absolutely brilliant at what she does – creative, inspiring, passionate and above all, fun.

Rebecca x

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