#ModelCrushMonday: Omahyra Mota

Omahyra Mota is my #ModelCrushMonday because she is sexy and terrifying.

I think there’s an element of jealousy mingled with the admiration. She is pretty much the polar opposite to me. In contrast to her, I feel as though I’m always softly giggling to camera, chin flatteringly angled and body sensibly covered up. There was a period of a few years where, in every editorial story, you’d generally get a picture of Omahyra, fearsomely topless, jaw angled up and face furrowed in a beatific but nonetheless geniune frown.


There was something so aggressive and tomboyish about her nudity, so natural and fearless about her comfort with her body that I find it empowering to see.

I actually met her once. Well – not met – she came to a Kenzo casting in Paris at which I had been waiting for a few hours and jumped straight to the front (she was already a name). She was talking to someone next to me and I was honestly quite frightened of her. She was doing a very good impression of a man humping a woman, and I felt extremely British not wanting to look but staring out of the corner of my eye. A similar age to me, Omahyra bristled over with energy, confidence and bullishness whilst being spellbindingly beautiful. Just have a look of her wreaking havoc on a fashion show in this Jay-Z & Pharell song to get an idea of her presence…

I was envious of her confidence and of her having the sort of look that punches you in the eyes – I felt like a dweeby, quiet, plainly pretty girl in comparison.

Well, you can’t be what you’re not and accepted that it is my lot to admire Omahyra from a distance rather than try to be her.  She’s my #ModelCrushMonday because I don’t think we’ve ever had a model quite like her and I doubt we will again.


Rebecca x

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  1. Louise wrote:

    Ohmyra, I even had her name on the list of baby names for Esmae, but Phil picked Esmae!
    She both terrifies me and makes me really happy at the same time! I always loved it when she spoke to me! She is such a lovely person and was always so nice to me! But I was still a little scared of her!

    • modeltypeface wrote:

      Thanks for your message Louise – how funny that you felt the same way about her! I think what’s great about Ohmyra is that even with all the aggressive posing and attitude, there’s a vulnerability there too, which is what gives her pics an extra magic.

      I can imagine you chatting to her and hoping you’re saying the right thing! xxx

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