#ModelCrushMonday: Nykho-Nyakueinyang Paul

Today’s #ModelCrushMonday is Nykho-Nyakueinyang Paul, who is not only knockout, ridiculously stunning but an outspoken activist for greater diversity in the modelling industry. Nykho recently made headlines for calling out make up artists who are under-prepared for the shades and needs of black skin.


I love following her on Instagram – you get her couture shows…


…And top end editorials with these sort of sometimes-angry, always-passionate mini-essays on empowerment and activism.


They’re often full of humour and fun, she just radiates someone who wakes up and demands the most from her day and from those around her, which emanates from her pictures, too.


It’s not hard to see where her passion came from. Nykho fled to the US from Ethiopia, where she had been staying in a refugee camp due to the civil war in South Sudan: her place of birth. She fled with her with her uncle, but sadly parted from her parents who remained in the refugee camp (they have since been reunited).

It was her language teachers who suggested she pursue modelling and, yep, she rose to supermodel status pretty fast! With her height, her skin, that bone structure and an utterly natural grace she just jumps out of the picture.

imageWHAT a picture…

But coming from a civil war and refugee camp has given Nykho a greater empathy and awareness for those around the world and she clearly uses every opportunity to speak about where she comes from and how she and others can help, including setting up her own charity We Are Nilotic.


I am full of admiration at her beauty, brains and soul!

Rebecca x

All images are from Nykhor’s Instagram

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