#ModelCrushMonday: Natalie Westling

Honestly, before I started to research this post, I didn’t even know Natalie’s name. I just wanted to find ‘the girl in the Miu Miu adverts with the incredible face.’


It takes a lot for a face in modelling to really stand out to me these days. I can see when I model has a stunning face with potential, and where their career could be headed, but rarely am I really inspired and surprised these days. Yet Natalie’s face stood out to me as utterly unique, exciting and beautiful. There are shades of fellow supers Karen Elson and Coco Rocha there, but she’s completely arresting in her own right.

Then I read this interview with her in iD and my fan-girl status was cemented.


Natalie’s a skater, an old soul, and a lesbian who talks about LGBT rights (this shouldn’t be a big feature, but models are meant to be feminine and sweet. Not skaters with girlfriends). She has social media accounts, but hates the way that people cannot engage face-to-face when there’s a smartphone to be fiddled with. And she seems to be enjoying the ride that modelling’s taking her on without investing too much of herself in it – she has a healthy attitude of getting as much out of this career as she can without losing herself or her identity.

I reckon Natalie has a really long career ahead of her, and that she’ll be constantly evolving as she follows her own path. I can’t wait to see where it takes her.

Rebecca x

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