#ModelCrushMonday: Natalia Vodianova

Just like last week’s #ModelCrushMonday, I remember Natalia Vodianova blasting onto the scene in a huge Louis Vuitton campaign set in the forest. The fashion set just went WILD for her immediately and that hasn’t really stopped. She’s got an angelic face, but with eyes that bit too far apart, eyebrows that are rather bushy and smile that bit too gummy that make her editorial and ethereal rather than straightforwardly beautiful.


Natalia had a pretty intense upbringing. Abandoned by her father when her mother was pregnant with her sister, Natalia helped bring up her two siblings (including a sis with cerebral palsy) by setting up her own fruit stall in Gorky, Russia. Her model boyfriend insisted she go to a casting call when a Paris agent came, and within two months she was in Paris, had taught herself basic English and was nailing the big campaigns.


Then came the rich (now ex) husband (Justin Portman, from one of the richest families in the world), the kids and the stratospheric career. Somewhat wonderwoman-ally, Natalia was back on the catwalk within two weeks of giving birth (!) opening and closing for YSL.

After scoring some of the biggest campaigns, Natalia hasn’t forgotten her roots. The boyfriend back in Russia, who forced Natalia to the casting call, got a Mercedes. Her parents and grandparents got a house, her disabled sister a carer and her other sister a good education. And Natalia’s Naked Heart Foundation, a not-for-profit charity which helps create play areas and support that are inclusive to those with special needs and disabilities. The ball attracts the biggest celebs every year and raises huge amounts for a cause which is clearly very close to Natalia’s heart.


That face + that heart = an incredible #ModelCrushMonday!

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