#ModelCrushMonday: Naomi Campbell

Let’s just say I’ve heard more horror stories than delightful stories about today’s #ModelCrushMonday. But firstly, those horror stories are often delightfully horrific, and also….This face:

I know she’s a diva, she keeps people waiting, she competes with other women and there was that blood diamonds fiasco but…

Those outfits during community service

That walk…

The George Michael video…

I just think that we need big characters, we need the odd villain and love her or hate her you can’t deny her charity work or the fact that she is one of the unsurpassable Supers and always will be.

Sorry, I know we she’s no perfect Lily Aldridge, but I love her.

Rebecca x

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  1. […] I’d say most models I know who do the odd job on the side are the ones who’ve accepted that, well, we’re not gonna be the next Cindy or Naomi. […]

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