#ModelCrushMonday: Molly Bair

In her own words: “I guess I’m embracing that alien-rat-demon-goblin-gremlin kind of thing.” Please watch this video of Molly Bair describing herself and her career like a true #ModelCrushMonday! Funny, atypically beautiful, gawky and elegant in the most fabulously unself-aware way, I’m smitten by the inner and outer charm of Molly!

The face! I mean look at those ears! I thought mine were big! Like two beautifully carved handles on a Grecian urn, framing a face that is part Sasha Pivovarova, part Cara, part Gemma Ward and mainly her own. Her face can do angelic…


…It can do alien….


…It can do evil zombie skatechild…


…And my favourite of all, she can pull off goofball with panache.


She’s natural, she’s amusing, she’s clearly being herself without turning into a parody of her strong character – all the while having a versatile look that can pull off images and moods that seem totally fresh in the fashion industry. I’m good at spotting the stars, and Molly Bair has a great future in front of her with a rare treat for models these days: longevity. I wish today’s #ModelCrushMonday all the best with that!

Rebecca x

All pictures taken from Molly’s Instagram.

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