#ModelCrushMonday: Mide at Storm

This is Ademide Yetunde Ikuomola, or Mide as she’s called on the Storm Models site.

She has a face that just grabs you! And I’m not the only one – with only 20 posts on Instagram she’s already got 4, 364 followers. There isn’t a great deal of info out there on Mide, but from what I can gather she’s over here in London from Zahara Models in Nigeria.

She exudes attitude and confidence from a sweet, elfin face that could carry off a huge range of looks. Mide has these crazy long legs as well as facial scars which, rather than hinder her in any way, only add to her look at her uniqueness.

I just can’t imagine that she’ll be met with anything but success in the modelling industry. And I’m always right!

Rebecca x

All pictures are taken from Mide’s Instagram page

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