#ModelCrushMonday: Marina Dias

Marina Dias is today’s #ModelCrushMonday because I remember working with her when I was a new face and thinking she was the ultimate, coolest girl in the WORLD!

We were at Select together and she’d done all the cool designers: catwalk for Mugler, Vogues with Testino, campaigns for Sonya Rykiel and was always in the back pages of The Face and iD at their parties.

Vogue with Testino

I always felt like a gabbling student idiot on shoots (probably because I was), and in contrast were models like Marina. We both got a lot of jobs together and she was very open and chatty but she was also another world away in terms of cool.

With her tattoos and jet black hair she had edge, but her porcelain skin and deep black pools-for-eyes gave her a fragility to contrast with the crows on her back and the rings spearing her nipples. Kind of like…Early Angelina meets Kristen Scott-Thomas.

A little bit of research reveals that she’s still successfully modelling and DJing in her native Brazil, having lost nothing of her reputation. I love that her gritty rock n roll look is working for her still and by the looks of her Instagram she has a huge following because of it.

The last time I saw Marina was in Tokyo, where she was crushingly disappointed by the whole ‘cattle market’-like feel of the place. No I lie! The last time I saw her was on the set of a George Michael video, which she probably won’t thank me for telling you. That will have been around 12 years ago, and though she probably doesn’t know it at all, Marina left such an impression on my awestruck teenage self!

Hard-edged yet softly spoken, totally modern and totally and timeless, what a #ModelCrushMonday!

Rebecca x

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