#ModelCrushMonday: Mariacarla Boscono

Sluggish? Full up? Eying the Celebrations from 11am? If, like me, you’ve slightly regressed to the state of a baby over the festive period, then let me wake you up with THIS FACE!


Maria Carla, as a model, is completely unparalleled. That bone structure can make her look sharp, it can look evil and futuristic –


…Whilst in other shoots she can look plucked from a village in Spain in the 18th Century (hence she’s been a long-term fave of Dolce and Gabbana).


She’s been at the top for the best part of a decade, and her catwalk prowl – face angled down, lips snarling and eyes intensely staring – was a welcome tonic from the ethereal, angelic doll faces that dominated the catwalk for so long.


It’s not just her face, but her passion, that makes Mariacarla my #ModelCrushMonday. I remember always looking out for her in editorials, because there wasn’t a single shot where she’d resort to the old favourite – hand on hip, face angled to the side – which practically every other model does as it just works, even if it’s a bit boring.


Mariacarla has always brought originality to her posing – and, combined with her bewitching face with it’s wide apart eyes – this is why she made French Vogue’s Top Models of the 00’s.

And, of course, why she’s my #ModelCrushMonday!

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