#ModelCrushMonday: Maddie Moor

When Maddie Moore walks into a room, you know about it.

She’s got a huge amount of energy, but it’s all very warm, very open and very natural. It’s not in anyway attention seeking or draining – she’s just bursting with Maddie-ness!

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Blessed with glowing skin and hair, Maddie has the kind of look that can span young to mature, sexy to wholesome and editorial to commercial, which is basically the dream for any agency.

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She also knows how to work a room – I was recently at the tail end of a casting that pretty much every model in London had gone to. Models trudged in and out, deflated after queueing to meet a client who wasn’t bothering to even look up from his phone anymore. But when Maddie went in we could hear the energy in the room pick up!

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It’s tough to make yourself stand out when you’re against hundreds of other 5″8-10, size 6-8 models in skinny jeans…But she managed with her personality (and a banging book).

Lastly, Maddie supports other models without question – she’ll be recommending things for my blog or the next career move another model should make – the sort who’d drop anything if a friend were in need. If I’m honest with you, those are rare qualities in a profession where so many of us are used to having to operate solo.

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Basically, we all know that I love a model with something to say and who stands out from the crowd, and Maddie Moor fulfils that criteria with ease – which is why she’s my #ModelCrushMonday today.

Rebecca x

Maddie is at NEVS, and all images are from her Instagram.

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