#ModelCrushMonday: Luma Grothe

Oh My God.

She is just beautiful. I remember reading something by Charlie Brooker about how he played a game when watching Billie Piper on Dr Who called ‘what part of her face is biggest?’ Well you can definitely play that game with Luma!

Luma1Coy Culture, Instagram

You’ll have seen her in the latest Paco Rabanne advert (kerching)


Looking ethereally, undeniably, irrefutably beautiful, as well as L’oreal and plenty of Vogues.

She’s mega, mega commercial – from Brazil but with African, German and Japanese heritage too – her beauty is relatable to many across the globe. She’s sexy, sweet and just astoundingly, unchallengingly beautiful but her wideset eyes and humungous lips stop her from being a ‘boring’ sort of beauty – there’s still an essence of alien there!


Luma came on the UK aged 16 and was told by her London agency to ‘learn English or she wouldn’t work,’ as if it’s as easy as that! But manage she did, and Luma proves that even without a high level of education models still need a high level of street smarts and natural intelligence to survive in this industry!

Screen shot 2016-05-21 at 17.02.44

That face. Luma will be a star!!

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