#ModelCrushMonday: Lulu Stone

Fat Face have a habit of booking really great models, hence my last #ModelCrushMonday was Chris Doe and this week’s is a fellow Fat Face model, Lulu Stone.

Lulu’s name preceded her. Whenever her name came up, the whole team went swoony-eyed and everyone said things along the lines of, “Ah, Lulu’s great,” “Lulu’s so beautiful,” “When are we next seeing Lulu?”

I met Lulu on the last shoot, in Scotland, when she came up for the day. She came flew in straight from a job in Ireland at nearly midnight and had to fly out that evening for a job the next day, but she still stayed up and had a few drinkies with the team and was fresh as a daisy the next day. I wish I was like that! But I start yawning at 10pm…

Lulu and I follow the same strict ‘See Food’ diet…

Anyway first up Lulu is super beautiful. She’s got bright eyes, freckles, lovely hair and a bright smile, so she gets lots of commercial work, beauty stuff and sportswear too.

But best of all, Lulu’s great to chat to, has a really positive energy that she brings to shoots and she’s kind. I can see why she’s getting booked non-stop – because as well as the obvious physical beauty, the inner also shines out and is super infectious.

Oh – and did I say – she can play the cello?!

An awesome #ModelCrushMonday this week, with fantastic taste in knitwear.

Rebecca x

(Lulu is at Leni’s Models)

All pics from Lulu’s Instagram.

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