#ModelCrushMonday: Lily Osborne

Lily Osborne is my #ModelCrushMonday because I’ve known her since she was 14 and, while she’s now a ridiculously pneumatic, beautiful woman, she’s still got the same kind heart and aura as she did when she was a baby New Face.


Lily’s career has taken a bit of a different path to that of most models. Most of us start as boggle-eyed lanky martians – i.e. the perfect look for editorials – and then grow into our looks and, as our faces and bodies get a bit less martian, we do commercial stuff.

For Lily it’s always been about waiting a while so that she could grow into her looks and then be launched, and that’s what’s happening now. She’s on her way to being a superstar lingerie model. Lily has shot for Hunger Magazine and is getting some great bookings, she’s looking more confident than ever in her shots and I reckon she is going to really hit her stride in the next couple of years.


And it really couldn’t happen to a more lovely, gentle spirit. Even though she is ridiculously bad at drinking games.

Rebecca x

Lily is at Bookings Models. Here’s her Instagram.

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