#ModelCrushMonday: Leomie Anderson

Today’s #ModelCrushMonday is Leomie Anderson because her ferocious Tweets over Fashion Week have contributed to an argument that we need to ensure keeps happening.

Leomie was angrily Tweeting about how annoying it is that black models must sit backstage worrying how they’re going to end up looking for the show. Many make up artists are ill-equipped – both in terms of their kit and their ability – to do their make up of non-white models to the same standard that I can expect, anxiety-free.

I do understand that many make up artists backstage are unpaid, new to the game and to have a complete kit is outrageously expensive – but this is 2016 and we can increasingly expect a more diverse catwalk – and kits need to reflect this. Senior make up artists, perhaps, could have a complete range of make up for others to borrow from. Or the sponsors of the event could provide those shades. Make up and hair schools must ensure that their syllabus includes all skin-tones and hair types because for Leomie to see a make up artist mixing white foundation with black to try and get her skin tone is unacceptable.


But back to the model herself. Well – she’s English, and is a London girl, like me. Her agency, Premier, knew they had a star on their hands the second she was scouted and have managed her career impeccably – she’s done all the top editorials and and recently walked for VS, meaning she’s got a great commercial career ahead of her. Those limbs, the height, that skin, the almond eyes mean she can be made up for edgy shoots as well as the commercial world of VS…

tumblr_inline_nxncg5epO51tslwzc_500From Leomie’s Instagram

An outspoken, gamechanging, Londoner model. She has Modeltypeface’s full support and is a very exciting #ModelCrushMonday!

Rebecca x

Leomie has a blog, crackedchinacup.com

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