#ModelCrushMonday: Leanne Maskell

Leanne Maskell is today’s #ModelCrushMonday because she goes against pretty much every preconception of models going.


Being both a model and blonde, Leanne probably comes up against a fair few cliched jokes about being dumb every day. *INCORRECT KLAXON!* Leanne is a fully qualified lawyer, so HA! She’s crazy intelligent and managed to balance a degree with a modelling career (though she admits to taking a year or so to manage to find a happy balance between the two).

Now I’ve always found that people assume that models are anorexic. I know this because most people’s first question is…”Are models all anorexic then?” Usually whilst I’m chewing cake and enthusiastically selecting my next slice. No one could possibly be skinny naturally! Well follow Leanne on Snapchat and Instagram and all you’ll see are pictures of her food interspersed with modelling shots. It actually amazes even ME – I have no idea where she puts it but she’s one of those high energy people that exercises a lot. More power to her.

FullSizeRender_1 FullSizeRenderThese two pictures were actually next to each other on her feed….

Of course, we can’t discuss model clichés without addressing the whole ‘bitchy’ thing. We all hate each other right? Tearing one another’s hair out whilst putting lard in our rival’s food and doodling moustaches on their Vogue covers?


Before I even met Leanne, she was making suggestions to get Modeltypeface out there more, and once we met (getting very sweaty at The Skinny Bitch Collective together) she helped out even more, even writing a stroppy lawyer-ey letter for me to a client who owes me money. She might look like a stunning Amazonian creature but when you meet Leanne, she is a bounding puppy with a rather endearing lisp and a huge lust for life.

So there we have it. Beautiful, intelligent, friendly, supportive and passionate. I am so glad that Leanne is currently enjoying the holy grail of modelling the working model: ASOS, and I see a very bright future ahead for her!


Rebecca xx

Leanne is at Nevs, and all the pics are from her Instagram.

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  1. Lou wrote:

    Leanne Maskell is NOT a fully qualified lawyer. She has a law degree……not the same thing.

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