#ModelCrushMonday: Lazara Storm

Today’s #ModelCrushMonday was my other co-model in the Littlewoods commercial I did last year, Lazara Storm.


I’ve already sung the praises of Tessa, and now it’s the turn of Lazara. Those casting directors really knew what they were doing when they put us all together!

Lazara is not only beautiful (obviously) but she is multi-talented. She is an amazing dancer, she’s a great photographer, she can edit films…One of those people who is just always busy and making themselves busier and better at whatever task they put their mind to – we really gelled!

Screen shot 2016-04-14 at 14.30.45

I will never forget the director just shouting at Lazara and I to, ‘Dance! Freestyle! Go crazy!’…While an entire crew stared at me and expected me to crack out some moves RIGHT AFTER TRAINED DANCER LAZARA HAD DANCED! Bear in mind here that my Dad taught me to dance, aged 4, so I wouldn’t feel shy during musical statues at birthday parties (I name it the sidestep shuffle and I haven’t moved on since that day). I was feeling pretty awkward but Lazara whispered to me, “Just dance and I’ll copy you so we’re evenly matched.” Other girls might have overshadowed me, stealing the focus and making me look like the ungainly, all-left-footed giraffe I am. But this way, I felt more comfortable and looked less stupid (though poor Lazara had to try and jazz up stepping from side to side and letting her arms sway randomly!) That sums up Lazara – big hearted, kind and adaptable – my kind of #ModelCrushMonday!

Screen shot 2016-04-14 at 14.32.13

Lazara is actually testing at the moment, so if anyone wants to shoot with this beauty, inside and out, then get in touch with her over Instagram or on her website, here.

Rebecca x


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