#ModelCrushMonday: Joe Moreline

Joe Moreline is my bestest modelling buddy. He’s hilarious, kind funny, loyal and even though we see each other once a year (sometimes less) there’s no less love lost between us.


Fascinating fact: for many years, I was (unwittingly) Joe’s beard! From the second we met, we had instant chemistry, and I always felt a bit guilty that I pulled all of Joe’s friends, just not Joe. Which was silly as I got on the best with Joe!

However, not to worry – he was gay all along!

Joe M 2

When we’d rock up to castings together, giggling wildly and crying with laughter (generally over bum jokes and suchlike), other models would ask, ‘Is that your girlfriend?” and he’d lie and say yes. Which probably ruined my chances with lots of my crushes at the time, but nevermind, because it’s an honour to have been Joe’s beard.


So onto his actual modelling career. Joe did ALL the cool editorials and campaigns – Fred Perry, The Face, iD – and continues to get booked on jobs like Topman cos he’s got a timeless, preppy look and cheekbones that I might possess under several layers of cheek fat.


I wish you could all meet Joe, cos he’d make you all laugh ’til your belly hurts too.

Rebecca xx

Joe is at Select


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