#ModelCrushMonday: Jessica Pain

I first met Jess about 5 years ago in Brighton for a bridal shoot. She was the bride and I was the slutty bridesmaid. Where Jess was put in pure white gowns, I was put in bright red skintight numbers and dresses that ended somewhere near the bottom of my bottom. Accordingly, I flirted outrageously with her ‘husband’ and his ‘Best Man’ and generally had a blast, and my friendship with Jess blossomed. (Wish I could find the pics!)


We don’t see one another enough but I’ve followed Jess’ career on social media and seen her blossom from a slightly gawky (I can say that…She was) teen to a ridiculously elegant and composed woman who’s skin is still as creamy and face as fresh as five years ago.


Her confidence in front of the camera has grown and grown and Jess is doing really well over in Milan as well as here, walking in shows and fronting campaigns. She can be cool, sweet, attudey, sexy, sultry, fun…Just an all-round excellent model!


She’s got a versatile face that can carry any look and any era and, very important #ModelCrushMonday criteria, she loves her cat.


Jess is at Profile models. Check out her Instagram here.

Rebecca x

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