#ModelCrushMonday: Jessica Miller

Jessica Miller is my #ModelCrushMonday because she is one of the all-time ‘movers’.

jessica miller 2

Jessica was in every copy of every top editorial, worldwide, for a few years. It always annoyed me when I’d here those in the fashion industry say ‘she just can’t lose the weight’ because she was seen as a bit bigger than other models. Rubbish, of course – she just wasn’t tiny – but she’s definitely now all muscle! Plus she got so many huge campaigns and covers that I’m sure she’s laughed them all the way to the bank!

jessica miller 3

I used to really study the top models to feel inspiration for movement in front of the camera, and she always struck me as fearless, bringing humour, sexiness and something quite primal to her pictures. She looks strong, energetic and unique, aware of what makes a dramatic shape and shot.


Finally, I think she has one of the most beautiful sets of peepers in the modelling world, ever.

jessica miller 4

They perfectly contrast with her rawness and strength in her body shapes and that’s what gave her the edge to become a supermodel. A worthy #ModelCrushMonday indeed!

Rebecca x

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