#ModelCrushMonday: Jean Shrimpton

Jean ‘The Shrimp’ Shrimpton has an era defining face, an unquestionable beauty and a real sense of class about her, which is why she is my #ModelCrushMonday.


It wasn’t just my heart and imagination she captured: David Bailey, THE photographer of the 60s and probably the most enviable modeliser to ever live (chew on that, Leo DiCaprio!).

I like the way that she radiates a wholesome innocence whilst carrying off some of the whackier looks of the 60s. I admire the way that a look is transformative on her, yet the image is 100% Jean.


Her influence lives on with many models today – just look at any Chloe campaign to see how her face and the way she inspired photographers to capture her wistful expressions and exquisite profile. But she’s the true original, and  the best, which is why jean is today’s #ModelCrushMonday.

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