#ModelCrushMonday: Iskra Lawrence

Iskra Lawrence is an enthusiastic spokesperson for body confidence. When I first saw her, I’ll be honest, I thought she was just a very perfect, ‘plus’ sized model. Flawless and pre-Raphaelite and  proportioned like a Goddess. I just thought it was a different level of perfection, unattainable to most of us mere mortals.

However, while that is true, she also speaks really honestly about how posing makes her body appear more toned and flat-stomached than others. She’ll talk about fat rolls and show un-retouched pictures. It’s SO easy for me to forget that many people don’t realise that the finished product of a shoot is the process of picking the right model, dressing him or her in flattering clothes that are often pinned, playing with lighting and make up and then a sometimes staggering amount of retouch.

In an unretouched Aerie Swimwear campaign

But sometimes I’ll get a comment on one of my pictures that says, “Thank you for not being ashamed to show your mole, I am so self-conscious of mine,” and I’ll think ‘whaaaaaat’ and the full scale of the impact that my industry can have on others hits me. People really think they have to be perfect, whereas my imperfections like my cellulite, inner thigh wobble and really weird armpits are things I either hide with clothes or know will get airbrushed, so I’m more chilled about them.

So yes, Iskra is a vision of beauty and curveliness and health, with abs rippling under that tiny waist and a butt that’s bountiful and gravity-defying. But the messages she puts out are important for people to hear, and they’re obviously said with love and authenticity.

Iskra in an unretouched Aerie Swimwear shot

Rebecca x

All pics from Iskra’s Instagram

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  1. Julie O wrote:

    I watched Iskra’s TED talk a couple of months ago and have been following her on social media since, she is so cool!
    Always good to have a reminder of just how much illusion we’re surrounded by 🙂

    Julz | Frame Ambition

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