#ModelCrushMonday: Iekeliene Stange

Well firstly Iekeliene is my #ModelCrushMonday for having such an incredible name! I remember when she first started, and I’d see her on castings and on the same shoots as me. I thought she had such an incredible look with those cheekbones, but it was also the way she carried herself.


She was cute and kind – she always had a smile and a funny little outfit on that made me wish I was able to wear lots of bracelets and necklaces without looking like a giant 6 year old at a dressing up party.

Those cheekbones and those sleepy eyes mean that she can carry off any look for editorials…

ikeleineedPic by Patrizio Direnzo

But her friendly demeanour means that she can can also work for more commercial clients, such as Topshop.


Iekeleine really hit the big time and has staying power – she’s still walking the runway for the big designers, despite being around for the best part of a decade now. Her Tokyo streetstyle clothes mixed with those razor sharp cheekbones and that permanent smile make for a model that can stand out from the others, simply by being herself – which is why she’s my #ModelCrushMonday.

Rebecca x

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