#ModelCrushMonday: Harel Alon

Watch out Lucky Blue! There’s another razor-cheekboned, square-jawed, blue-eyed, tousle-haired male model out there about to steal your crown!


I don’t know a huge amount about this male model other than he’s at IMG and has recently shot a few campaigns, but I know enough about modelling to know that if he gets the right platform – a perfume campaign or a burgeoning Instafame – he’ll make it big.

This guy is made for teeming groups of screaming teens who’ll love him. He’s got his rebellious vibe with his skater hoods and his pout but let’s face it – this guy is more beautiful than plenty of female models out there, rather than rugged and threatening in anyway. I would totally have had a tear out of him on my wall from J17.


I see Jean Paul Gaultier perfume campaigns and more denim campaigns too. I genuinely think he could be ‘the next’ Lucky Blue.

Rebecca x

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