#ModelCrushMonday: Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid is my #ModelCrushMonday because she’s so bloody sexy! A lot of models you see in magazines and campaigns are young and understandably awkward, bearing in mind their age and the fact that they’ve been thrust into a very adult environment all of a sudden.

Her look really struck me when her campaign for Tom Ford came out: I realise she’s thin but in my rarified world, her body looks toned and healthy rather than gaunt and angular.


But Gigi radiates confidence in herself and her body, and I think that’s great for other girls to see. She looks slender but healthy, and that combined with her golden glow and warm expression helps her stand out. And I do feel that fer look can move seamlessly between commercial bikini modelling, and high fashion because her face is actually quite unusual and versatile.

Now I realise that having zillionaire parents and a reality show background will always help a career along – but seriously, I just like the energy she puts out there, her positive demeanour and the fact that she looks a bit like Simba when he was a cub in the Lion King.

gigiteen simbaRebecca x



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