#ModelCrushMonday: Georgie Hobday

Georgie Hobday is today’s #ModelCrushMonday because she has an exquisite face, and sometimes that’s enough.


But alright then – if you need more than an impossibly perfect bone structure and a pair of Disney princess peepers, then Georgie’s a former wildchild (well, the Daily Mail would have you believe) who’s party got ransacked by a bunch of nasty dickheads after seeing it advertised on Facebook. It made the national news, got every parent terrified yet when Storm saw her picture they glossed over the story and demanded to know who this doll-faced, flame-haired girl was. They quickly proclaimed her as as the New Lily Cole!

Fast-forward and Georgie is not ‘the new’ anyone, but has trodden her own path to gaining a degree and a job as managing editor of Ponystep Magazine. I’m a big fan of her Instagram because not only do I think she has an arresting face that can penetrate even the most absent-minded scrolling, but her captions make me laugh – she has a very dry sense of humour.


You could place Georgie in any era and she’d carry it off, so I think she is going to have a very long and fruitful career. Rankin is a huge fan of her face, which can look innocent, rebellious, sensual and otherworldly.


A fearsome mix of knockout face and Mastermind brain with a generous pinch of humour makes for a very deserving #ModelCrushMonday indeed.

Georgie is at Profile Models.

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